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The Red-Eyed Horse Hidden Beneath the Floorboards

The Red-Eyed Horse Hidden Beneath the Floorboards

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16" x 12" original acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped 1.5" depth cotton canvas, with hanging hardware installed. Sealed and protected with Liquitex Professional Gloss Varnish.

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Influenced by German printmaker Albrecht Durer, American artist Andy Warhol and Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, the Graphic Creatures series is highly detailed. This piece was painted for a Visual Arts Diploma Grad Show at the University of the Fraser Valley. True to macabre art, this work incorporates anatomical skulls and skeletal specimens of deceased creatures. Humans have always been intrigued by what makes us fearful. We respond both mentally and physically as part of our inborn survival instincts. It’s not only linked to avoiding death, but also to darkness because it awakens the most twisted side of our imagination. Whenever we deal with the unknown, our mind gives it a face or tricks us into thinking there is an entity behind this phenomenon. This fascination extends back into ancient history.

Staying true to the engraving style, I included a thin black border along the edge of the canvas. The skeleton is the bony structure that gives shape, support and protection to the body, allowing for movement through the contraction of muscles attached to the skeleton. ‘Cheval’ roughly translates to horse in French. The creature's skeleton was created using contemporary colours. The shadows for each piece were painted using bone black; highlights in a light golden yellow.

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