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37914 Campbell Road, Abbotsford BC.

37914 Campbell Road, Abbotsford BC.

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24" x 18" original acrylic painting in gallery-wrapped 1.5" depth cotton canvas, with hanging hardware installed. Sealed and protected with Liquitex Professional Gloss Varnish.

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"Home" is a powerful thing for children. Not only is it the dominant place of a child’s existence, but our senses are heightened when we are little. Everything is new and in Technicolor, and impressions are felt deeply. Not everyone can look back at their formative years with fondness or the sense of comfort drawn from their surroundings, but for those of us who can, there seems to be an inextricable link between the types of houses we grew up in and how they were decorated, and what we gravitate towards as adults when we embark on our own homes.

"37914 Campbell Road, Abbotsford BC" is the address of the 'home' I spent majority of my childhood living in. From the age of 12 to early adulthood, this is where my younger brother and I grew up together. We had a sense of comfort from dad working nearby – a short three minute walk – and had the freedom play in the backyard or to ride our bikes down the dyke towards Birchwood Dairies. The house was built – or sunk – below sea level so the basement flooded every heavy rainfall, leading the the loss of countless treasures, sentimental items and electronics – and black mold. Just like any other house, it had issues but it was home. Because it was the place I called home for so long, after I moved out I felt the need to memorialize it with a painting. 

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